zerubbabel_rebuilding_templeYou’ve seen the name, Zerubbabel, all over this site, but our guess is that you probably don’t know who that was — or maybe that you have forgotten. In the mythology and ritual of Royal Arch Freemasonry’s most sacred degree, the Holy Royal Arch Degree, there is a character, Zerubbabel, who plays a very important role. According to the Hebrew Bible, Zerubbabel is a member of the Grand Council and is said to have led the first group of Jews, numbering 42,360, who returned from Babylonian Captivity to begin the rebuilding of God’s Holy Temple in Judah.

SoZ-jewelThe Society of Zerubbabel is the name chosen by the RAMCF for their long-term endowment campaign. Membership in the Society is open to anyone and can be initially attained by making a minimum donation of just $500. The first 100 members in the Society are considered “Charter Members” and the jewel or button-on pin they receive contains a bar that says “Charter Member.” Additional donations of $500 can be made and, depending on the total amount donated, one or more additional colored bars will be given to hang off the bottom of the jewel. The colors of the bars correspond those representing the ancient tribes of Judah as they returned from Babylonian Captivity and assisted in the rebuilding of the Temple.

Membership LevelGift
Charter$500 to $999
Tribe of Judah$1,000 to $1,499
Tribe of Ephraim$1,500 to $1,999
Tribe of Reuben$2,000 to $2,499
Tribe of Dan$2,500 or more