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The Royal Arch Masons Charitable Foundation (RAMCF) is the charitable foundation arm of the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of the State of Illinois, a suborganization within the Illinois Freemason umbrella. Our members are all Master Masons in their Lodge and have chosen to join a secondary body, the York Rite, and the Royal Arch Masons, in particular.

You can contact the RAMCF and the Grand Chapter’s Fundraising Team that helps it to raise awareness and run fundraising efforts by various means:

Send an email for general inquiries, questions, ideas, or other matters to For questions about donations, please contact us at Our Facebook Page is especially active with daily posts, educational updates, and information about fundraising events, campaigns, and other opportunities. The Facebook Page is located at

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Just who was Zerubbabel and why is there a society now named after him? Find out more about the RAMCF’s newest endowment-building campaign.

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